Virtual Data Center

Physical data center is widely known to secure enormous input on its ground.

However, a virtual data center enables you to take part similarly by making use of the space and resources provided from the limitless cloud environment.

VMware Cloud Verified Badge

Officially recognized by VMware, our infrastructure fits the requirement for VMware environment and provisioning.

VMware To Go!

Seek out the best virtualization platform and now, what gives?

More efficient use of
energy and space

With VMware, you can run more applications using fewer physical servers. Fewer physical servers require less space in your data center and less energy to power and cool.

Improved return on
investment (ROI)

VMware enables you to utilize your resources in the long run. With VMware, you can run each application in its own OS on the same physical server and make better use of the physical server’s available CPU power.


VMware is the foremost provider of virtualization services, with over 500,000 customers. A network of 75,000 partners supports customers with a wide variety of add-on products and services.

Virtualization vs Traditional Architecture

How different can these two infrastructure deliver?

Virtual Data Center

Bringing the concept of virtualization to the table, you will not need to maintain nor even think of a server in the first place. Running on automated operations with high availability of resources, it is constructed to deliver IT agility, flexibility and scalability to a higher scale.

Traditional Data Center

Constructed with dedicated hardware and equipment, a server can only be used for computing and networking purposes and not for storage.

Being a Tenant of VMware
with IP ServerOne

Built with a multi-tenant concept, VMWare Virtual Data Center aimed to provide multiple users platforms with individual access to the environments.

We assign virtual machines to hosts, allocate resources for them, monitor performance, and automate workflow.

With promised flexibility, stability and security, VMware virtual data center can be a perfect fit for your current business requirements and ease any business development in the future.

Why a Virtual Data Center with Us?

Scalable storage
Expand or shrink your cloud, you decide, we comply.
Backup & Replication
Easily backup and create copies of your data for disaster recovery.
License on the house
Make use of this platform with no licensing fee, be it from VMware, Microsoft Server License or SQL License.
Subscribe with us, worry free!
Commitment, or not at all
Use up the resources you have without getting tied to a contract or period. You can also opt for a Flexi Plan for a fixed monthly pricing for annual budget predictability.
No hardware maintenance required
Our technical team is here to sort your physical hardware for your smooth usage.
Control the Panel from Within

vSphere Web Client

The platform’s user-interface, providing administrators with browser-based access to all functions.

VCenter Single Sign-On

Access the entire vSphere infrastructure with a single login.

Take Charge with IP ServerOne

As you upgrade and manage your cloud with us, you are now equipped with your own data hub with VMware control panel.

Multi-site support

Get your cloud supported from any location of choice, given Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.

Built in replication between sites

Replication sorted for your cloud, embrace failover and restore your replicated data from the nearest secondary site.

Customizable Recovery Point Objective

To meet your Business Continuity Plan, we help you reduce the data lost between primary & secondary disaster recovery sites.

Multi-Role and Permission Level

By acquiring a VMWare cloud with us, you may assign the necessary permission according to your organization structure.

Individual vApp / VM Permission

Assign individual access to any vApp or virtual machine. Assigned individuals can be given permission to read (upload), write (download) or obtain full control of the specific vApp or VM.

Variety of supported operating system

Installation of virtual machines can be done by setup of operating systems; Microsoft, RedHat Linux, CentOs Linux, Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux

Security Certification

Our data centers in Malaysia are certified with ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and PCI-DSS. Utmost data privacy can be guaranteed upon our certification.

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