Losing data causes damage to your business and customer relationships. In this data-driven world, both data protection and disaster recovery solutions are essential for your business continuity plans. With Veeam, you can easily deploy data backup and replication, restore data efficiently in a malware-safe environment. This powerful yet affordable technology supports various servers and is scalable at any time to meet your backup requirements.

Key features

A Managed Service

IP ServerOne’s Managed Services Team supports the infrastructures used in delivering the Backup and Recovery Service. By opting for this service, you will receive a weekly report on the backup and recovery monitoring. You are also entitled to open support requests for backup creation and alteration, as well as changes to the data retention policy.

Data Restoration

Backup data restoration is performed upon request on a best-effort basis. Data is typically restored to the primary system; nevertheless, we also support restoration to different target systems in various environments. If your SLAs’ requires data restoration process, we offer a comprehensive Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) providing detailed automated recovery of applications, data and virtual machines.

Application-Aware, Image-Based Backups

Create application-consistent, image-level VM backups with advanced, application-aware processing which includes transaction log truncation.

Changed Block Tracking for VMware

With Changed Block Tracking, backup time is minimized thus allowing more frequent backups.

Deduplication, Compression & Swap Exclusion

The built-in deduplication system decreases backup storage requirements and network traffic. Additionally, multiple compression options balance the storage consumption and backup proxy load, while swap exclusion reduces backup footprint thus improving backup performance.

Data Encryption

Encryption of data by default, you will receive the generated encryption keys to have full access and control over your protected data. Encrypted data blocks are stored in any backup files. Data remains encrypted at all times and is safely stored in any IP ServerOne operated data center.

Guest File System Indexing

By enabling the Guest File System Indexing feature, you can do a quick search to identify the files and to restore it without knowing the precise file location and its time of deletion.

General Information
Data Services
Transport Security Layer
TLS 1.2 & AES256-bit Encryption
Max connections speed
Access Protocol
Veeam Cloud Connect
Data Redundancy
Available sites
MYS3 – CX2 Data Center, Cyberjaya
MYS1 – CJ1 Data Center, Cyberjaya
SGP1 - Equinix Data Center SG1, Singapore
  • Maintain both software and hardware in the Backup & Recovery Service’s Infrastructure.
  • Monitor the Backup & Recovery infrastructure for uptime and availability. This includes any network switches, storage devices, and any other equipment necessary to provide the Service
  • Retain exclusive administrative access to the hardware and infrastructure of the Backup & Recovery Service for the duration of the agreement.
  • Responsible for hardware and infrastructure support, including return-to-service and vendor escalation.
  • Perform periodic software and security updates, install additional capacity and to replace any faulty hardware within the underlying infrastructure, as recommended by the manufacturers and following industry’s best practices. Changes and updates will occur during declared maintenance windows that are agreed by the Customer in advance.
  • To manage and secure the host’s operating system including any script, application, or operating system updates.
  • Fully responsible for the installation and operation of all scripts and applications that are installed on any customer managed servers or virtual machines.
  • To maintain the latest version of all installed scripts and applications, as well as the security of all scripts and applications installed on the Virtual Machine (VM).
  • To monitor the capacity thresholds of storage environments.
  • To maintain current backups of customer-owned data, excluding data in the Backup & Recovery service.
  • To designate a Technical Contact who is available to IP ServerOne for troubleshooting or questions.

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