Private Cloud (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) enables businesses to gain higher levels of control and security customization on top of public cloud’s scalable, elastic and agile features. The platform integrates compute, networking, virtualization and storage resources through structured software-centric architecture. A private cloud that is dedicated to a single organization can be architected to meet any business’s specific needs. The private cloud also enables peak performance and is more suitable for resource-intensive applications with high power and memory provisioning.



A private cloud gives you full control of customization and configuration within the cloud as the environment is fully dedicated to your business. This increases the security and protection of your business’s data and application.

Flexible and

Not only you can align the architecture according to the best suitable need, but also configure resources based on ever-changing demands. Scale up when you require extra resources for a data-heavy application then, scale back down with just a click.


Businesses of all sizes need to comply with regulatory laws and policies of highly sensitive user data. Private cloud providers like us, already got you covered. Our CJ1 Cyberjaya Data Center is PCI DSS and ISO 27001 certified, so no worry further.


Private cloud improves load time and data transfer speeds to accommodate for mission-critical applications as all dedicated resources are at your disposal.

Our Private Cloud Hosting Infrastructure
The basic hardware requirements for Private Cloud (Hyperconverged Solution) architecture require a minimum of 3 units of dedicated server with the same specifications of CPU, RAM and Storage. Also, 1G ports that serve as WAN and 10G ports that serve as Cluster, Ceph and SAN Storage. Both ports will be connected to the Stack Switch. Other basic requirements are a stacking module enabled Switch and a dedicated firewall. In the event of a server or hardware failure, the system will automatically relocate the VM to another Host that have enough resources to run the VM. This benefits business through maximized performance and minimized downtime. However, please note that Private Cloud architecture varies on a case by case basis.

Once the architecture is completed and customer’s site goes live, IPServerOne will assist customers with Server Health Monitoring, Hardware Maintenance and Monitoring as well as DDoS Monitoring and Mitigation.
Managed Private Cloud Hosting

Reduce your IT burden and leave the hard work to us. We understand how challenging it is for your IT team to meet the ever-increasing business demands and goals in a timely manner. With IPServerOne Managed Private Cloud, you can give back your IT department the control to focus on mission-critical tasks and facilitate on other areas of your business that requires urgent attention. So let's implement your private cloud without worry or the hassle of cloud management.

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