We provide fully managed service for your hosting solution that will ensure its smooth running. No matter if you are looking for fully managed email hosting or dedicated server, look no further. Save extra expenditure of hiring additional headcount and rely on our expert technical engineers to make sure that your server is always running optimally.

Managed Services Pricing
Basic Essential Pro Premium
Free Starting from
MYR 150 / month
Starting from
MYR 250 / month
Starting from
MYR 400 / month
24x7 Access to Knowledge-base Documentation
Windows Environment Operating System
Windows Update with default options
Auto Windows Update
Allowed to select/unselect update(s) to be installed
Support Windows 2008, 2012, 2012R2, & 2016
Roll back / remove windows update upon request
Troubleshooting with Application Vendor 8am-10pm, Mon-Fri 24x7, Mon-Sun
Manual windows update according to customer specified timing 8am-10pm, Mon-Fri 24x7, Mon-Sun
Liaise with customer's application vendor on what to patch and not to patch upon request
Patching based on vulnerable scanning report
Linux Environment Operating System
Autocheck & notification on kernal version and disk
Support Community / Enterprise Linux
Troubleshooting with Application Vendor 8am-10pm, Mon-Fri 24x7, Mon-Sun
Manual update according to customer specified timing 8am-10pm, Mon-Fri 24x7, Mon-Sun
Liase with customer's application vendor on what to patch and not to patch
Patching based on vulnerable scanning report
Application / Website Load Balancing
Website load balance (transparent / proxy)
Application load balance (transparent / proxy)
HAproxy Installation & Configuration
Keepalived Installation & Configuration
Pound Installation & Configuration
Firewall, VPN, Secured Network and BGP
Remote Logging (required seperate VM / Server)
Destination / Source IP Routing setup
Site to site VPN Tunnel
VPN Tunnel with AWS / Azure / Google Cloud
NAT Policies
BGP Network Configuration
IPS setup in Firewall (require additional license)
Real-time Replication (VM to VM / Disk to Disk) or Disaster Recovery purpose
Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare, Proxmox etc (VM Replication)
Files syncronisation between 2 servers (same / different location)
DRBD - Disk to Disk replication over network
Oracle Database / PostgreSQL database real-time syncronisation
How to submit to helpdesk for troubleshooting
Whatsapp (in private message)
Whatsapp (in group message)
Backup & Restoration
Files Backup (requires Veeam Cloud Backup service)
Files Restoration (requires Veeam Cloud Backup service)
Server Monitoring
Ping Monitoring
CPU, HDD space, Memory
Bandwidth usage monitoring
Remote Logging (require seperate VM / Server)
Control Panel Support
cPanel / WHM 2 tickets 4 tickets 10 tickets
DirectAdmin 2 tickets 4 tickets 10 tickets
Plesk Control Panel 2 tickets 4 tickets 10 tickets
Web Application Security & Network Security
Enable / Disable old TLS
Enable / Disable new Cypher (Ex: 3DES Cipher Suite..)
Open Source Web application firewall installation
SSL Certificate installation
Using automated tool for malware scanning
Assistance on Improving SSL Lab scanning report
Providing assistance on fixing the items from the malware scan report
Help on identifying the possible root cause of website being defaced / hijacked
Help on identifying the possible root cause of website being defaced / hijacked
Microsoft IIS 7.0 - 10.0 Installation / Configuration / Upgrade
Apache web server
Nginx web server configuration and caching
Lite Speed web server installation & configuration
Tomcat web server installation & initial configuration
Database - MySQL
MySQL Installation
MySQL Server Level optimisation
MySQL Identify Slow query, provide suggestion to customer
MySQL database replication setup
MySQL database re-sync / redo database replication
MySQL 3 nodes cluster (Galera Cluster)
Database - MSSQL
MS-SQL Installation
MS-SQL database setup (Separate DATA and LOG file)
MS-SQL replication setup
MS-SQL database snapshot
MS-SQL database mirroring
Mail Server - Ms Exchange
MS Exchange Installation
Active directory Integration
Auto discovery / Outlook Web Access (OWA)
Multiple Database store setup
Mail In & Out Troubleshooting
Antispam Setting & Optimisation
Mail Server - Zimbra
Zimbra Installation
Zimbra Antispam configuration & Integration
Mail In & Out Troubleshooting
Back Up & Restoration
Memory Caching
Redis cache setup, configuration
Memcache cache setup, configuration
File Sharing / Block Storage
NFS Client / Server Setup
iSCI target / Initiator configuration
Windows SMB File Sharing
Windows Distributed File System (DFS)
CEPH file system deployment
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+: Subject to 6% SST
Prices are provided as a guide, may vary due to changes in foreign exchange rates.
Why our Managed Services?

unexpected costs

Unexpected IT problems could happen anytime and without in-house IT ready personnel, it can be a daunting task. It will negatively impact your business especially when you have to fork out unnecessary cost for rectification. We provide on-going support from highly skilled IT personnel that stand ready so you can avoid unexpected expenses.

24/7 support

Doesn’t matter rain or shine night or day, working hours or public holidays; our IT support is available at your request. Our expert and trained technical engineers are fully equipped with in-depth IT know-how to assist to your needs.

Minimize internal
IT resources

Having an internal IT team requires high cost of staff training, salary, sick days, and benefits and so on. Furthermore, they might not be available at all times. By outsourcing initiatives to a managed service provider, you can break down your costs into fixed monthly payments, without having to worry about managing an internal IT team.


As the market constantly evolves, companies may face a lot of difficulties understanding the ever-changing regulations and compliance. Our skilled technical team is equipped at handling your infrastructure and data in accordance with compliance and best practice.

Greater focus on
business growth

When you outsource complex IT decisions and problems to us, you have extra bandwidth to focus on taking your business to the next level. We understand that distractions such as security breach or hardware malfunction and replacement could negative affect your valuable time and money.

Apart from providing onsite and remote technical support, managed services also provide 24x7 network monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure. On top of that, our support team is also on standby 24 hours every day to address your technical queries or issues.
If your answer is a YES to the most of the questions below, you might have enough reasons to consider getting Managed Services for your business.
  • Do you think that IT management is an essential component in your business and that any issue that arises could potentially bring disaster to your business continuity?
  • Do you have difficulty in rectifying or finding solutions to IT issues in your business?
  • Do you think that IT is not only an optional expense but rather an operational expense?
  • Do you realize that the hourly cost of downtime could significantly top an IT support’s hourly rate?
  • Do you struggle with managing and hiring credible IT staff with good technical knowledge?
No worries. Many of our customers have existing in-house IT staff. However, we can ease your team’s daily IT responsibilities so that they can work on more critical projects efficiently. You are also able to save cost, time and energy. Our Managed Services ranges from Basic, Essential, Pro and Premium; all with different level of managed services that can be catered well to your business. We will be able to consult you on the best plan according to your needs and budget.
Yes, you absolutely can! We prefer having prospective customers drop by our office to have an in-depth understanding of your business needs and IT concerns. You would only need to send an email to sales@ipserverone.com or get in touch with us via LiveChat. We’re more than happy to answer your questions.
We utilise remote management tools and a dedicated team of IT support. When “on-site” support is needed, we will help dispatch our engineering resources to your premise in accordance to the agreed upon service levels.

Need Help or Advice?

We are here to listen and analyze your requirements to fulfill your expectations with a complete solution.

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SmartHand Services Pricing

If you do not have the manpower or IT understanding for technical tasks, the best idea is choosing our SmartHand Services Plan. As a business owner, you can now alleviate your worries when it comes to fulfilling routine IT tasks that could take up your resources such as time, energy, and manpower. You can now pay for skilled and professional IT services as and when needed. Our SmartHand Services Plan includes support of a strong team of technical engineers 24/7 over 365 days a year seamlessly without failure.

Troubleshooting for 1 task
MYR 250 /hour

Each issue will require minimum 1 ticket. Maximum time allocation for 1 ticket is 60 minutes (1 hour).
Task will be performed on a date and time as per both parties agreement.
Task performing is subject to engineers availability.
Colocation customers need to contact their own hardware vendor for any hardware replacement.

SmartHand Services

Some of the Smart Hand Services we offer are:

Receiving any form of hardware and
placing it in your server or equipment
Incoming and outgoing
equipment shipment tracking
Complex cable configurations per
client provided instructions and diagrams
Onsite/offsite technical assistance
and troubleshooting
Welcoming and escorting of pre-approved
and scheduled vendors to a client’s equipment
Moving equipment
within your server rack
Moving or securing cables
Other IT services
based on request
Colocation equipment management

Need Help or Advice?

We are here to listen and analyze your requirements to fulfill your expectations with a complete solution.

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