To ensure data availability at all times, what are the ways a business can protect its valuable data? What if under unforeseen circumstances, your protected data is compromised? Now, what is your Plan B?

Data replication is the Plan B to your disaster recovery planning. Data replication is the practice of duplicating one or more redundant copies of a database to ensure real-time backups exist.

By owning sets of duplicated data, all users across locations are able to share the same, real-time data. With data replication and backup, your concern for data retrieval comes down to zero. Standing by, IPServerOne is ready to support your replication needs.


Ensures business

By performing data replication, your business will not fear downtime or occurrences of failover. If your server were to move to another location or another server, your replicated data is saved as a disaster recovery backup.

Data reliability
and availability

In any case of hardware failure or unexpected issues at the data location, replicated data will be on standby, hence this ensures data availability and reliability. This action will release sighs of relief from organizations that are connected across regions.


It is known that data replication can enhance and boost server performance by running multiple database copies on different servers. Users are able to surf data quicker and servers are not loaded.

Speed Up
Recovery Issue

Safeguarding several copies in various locations can help your team reach for the closest source for a specific database.

Tech Support

Our support team will be assisting your data replication process along the way.

Methods of Replication
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Key-based incremental replication

Log-based incremental replication

Data Replication Schemes
Full database replication

Partial replication

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