A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is designed to prevent or degrade services provided by a server at a given Internet Protocol (IP) address. These attacks often threaten the availability of both network and application resources. The idea behind a DDoS is to generate dummy traffic by flooding more than what the receiving site can deal with. IPServerOne stands ready to fight against these attacks with “ALWAYS ON” and automated protection.

Time Per boot = Unlimited Concurrent = Unlimited Report provided upon request/after occurence of any attack Support24/7
Upto 5Gbps
best seller
Upto 10Gbps
Upto 20Gbps

First-grade Mitigation System

Today’s DDoS attacks are growing in size, frequency, and complexity where no enterprise is immune to these threats. IPServerOne’s DDoS Mitigation provides you with network-based, "Always-On" protection and with the assurance of 24x7 monitoring.

Up-to 1.2TB of attack
mitigation capacity
In-house filtering for
no added latency
Automated and “Always
Completely transparent to regular traffic
Prevent service disruption
layer during attacks
Detailed report
after any attack
Both Advanced behavioral
analytics technology
Protection against any kind of attack
Both local
and international mitigations
Multi-level DDoS protection
to ensure service availability
IPServerOne Mitigation System
Anti-DDoS Diagram

We deploy a smart and high-performance DDoS mitigation device which is able to detect and mitigate immediately; it monitors all incoming traffic to our network and as soon as a suspicious traffic hits, it will be flagged and sent to our own Anti-DDoS infrastructure directly with reporting data and analytics. The process of detecting and filtering the traffic is completely automated and in real-time.

DDoS Mitigation Flow
Multi-layered mitigation in global scrubbing center

We protect your network against all kinds of DDoS Attacks; a multi-layered mitigation mechanism is being used to identify, mitigate, and analyze attacks on the spot. Any attack goes through our 7 layered mitigation system to assure it will not reach to our customers’ network, where 99.9% of attacks will be mitigated. IPServerOne's first-grade mitigation system, after passing any kinds of attack from its 7 layers protection, will route the clean traffic to the customer’s network.

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