Fulfilling your business continuity planning, we are capable to provide a working space and infrastructure needed for your business during critical times (Workspace-as-a-service (WaaS)). Taking the initiative into our hands, IPServerOne is here to accommodate workplace flexibility, remote communication ability and serving connectivity for your team and employees.

What is Business Planning Continuity?

Business continuity planning is becoming more significant to customer service, data-sensitive industries and departments of high importance. BCP acts as a contingency plan for business operations to fall back to in times of recovery, be it long term or short term. Disruption in business is common, every business has its own setbacks and downtime.

BCP is planned out with equipment, site locations supplies and backups in mind. With IPServerOne, we are catering the deed by providing your team a safe workspace.

Why would you need a BCP Working Space?
Flood, landslide, excessive haze, you name it.
Office Renovations/
Get on a temporary lease for the period your team needs.
Your premise is out of power, experiencing bad connectivity, just come over here!
Space to conduct
specific operations
A room for all. A room for any occasions.
Fully furnished with essential office amenities such as desks, printers, phone line, LAN cable, internet connectivity.
Accessible for dispatch and guarded with security forces and CCTV.
Ready to comply with other customized needs from your end.
Achieve team
availability 24/7
Huddle your frontliners, even during the most difficult of times.
Ensure continuous
Shrug the concerns and pull it together to continue operations.
24/7 Access to
Operate as you are, the time and space is all yours to conquer.

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