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Having a custom email such as @yourdomain helps build trust and confidence among your clients. Focus your resources on your business, while we bolster your productivity through always-on support for email. We’ve been delivering email hosting and collaboration services for over 16 years. Let us help you to maximize the value of your email and collaboration technologies.

Why Choose our Email Hosting?

Looking for an Email hosting package with complete functionality for your company-wide deployment? Our Email hosting packages are deployed on industry-grade Servers and built on a robust network. They are reliable, fast, yet powerful and versatile to meet your email communications requirements.

Affordable and

We offer business email ownership without you having to break your bank. It is user-friendly and easy for email management.

Beyond E-Mail

Take advantage of group chat feature which allows users to communicate and share files with multiple groups across an organization using virtually any desktop or mobile.

Access From
Any Device

Users can access our email platform anywhere, everywhere, desktop and even mobile using their favourite web browser.


Our premium filtering added value service secures your inbox free of spam and viruses.


Our support team stands ready to extend assistance to issues that you face.

Email Hosting Features
Our Email Hosting is simple to learn, fun to explore, and easy to master. You will fit right in and be productive from day one. The Email Hosting package bundles a lot of useful features to give you more control and power to grow your business.

  • Respond quicker with follow-up flagging
  • You can mark emails with a red flag for immediate attention, ensuring that important emails can be attended to in the shortest
  • Auto-complete addressing
  • Email addresses from sent messages, contacts lists, aliases, mailing lists are automatically pulled in for you to do auto-complete.
    You do not have to spend extra money to hire a System Administrator to manage your Email Server as most of the tasks are handled by us. We take care of all Email setup and maintenance work like mail server configurations, storage, connectivity, virus protection, backup and maintenance. You and your users just use it. Managing the Email Server has never been this easy. You can automate a variety of system tasks to reduce the amount of time needed for administration and support.
  • Settings Management
  • The Email Server software is engineered to let you manage the users' and systems' settings easily. Customized settings can be applied to specific individual or groups of users.
  • Powerful Reporting
  • You have access to detailed, real-time performance reports about the server, domains, and mailboxes, including inbound connections, server load, and total messages delivered and many more.
  • Easily set up new users and groups
  • Create and manage all users, aliases, administrators and user groups for your domain.
  • Create Events
  • Use Events to stay on top of what’s going on with the domain and users. You can setup notifications when new users have been added, when users change password, when users’ disk space has already reached certain usage and more.
  • Automated Folder Cleaning
  • Create, manage and schedule folder auto-cleaning for users. You can manage auto-clean for Junk Folder, Inbox, Sent Items and Deleted items once they reach certain number of days or size.
    This Email hosting is fortified to deliver 97% spam protection without the need for additional expenditures or third-party products. The Antispam server technologies accommodate customized levels of protection and flexible configurations
  • Spam Filtering Protection
  • The built-in intrusion detection system monitors the mail server for malicious activity. SysAdmin can assign Greylist and block incoming and outgoing SMTP connection and the system will automatically take action once a security threat is identified to ensure security.
  • Advanced Content Filtering
  • Manage and setup content filtering rules at the domain level to better manage how certain types of keywords, messages or attachments from specific domains are managed for users. Such emails can be Deleted, Rerouted, Flagged, Bounced and many more.
    Our Email Hosting package is not just only Email software. It is a complete collaboration suite that helps businesses connect with customers, employees, and partners. Collaboration tools such as calendars, tasks, contacts can be easily and securely shared across a company, department, or among a group of users. With our Email hosting package, your users can have quick access to email collaboration tools to essentially promote better communication flow for your company.
  • Robust calendaring and scheduling
  • The appointment invites with availability checking makes it easy to find time to collaborate with business and personal contacts on any device.
  • Convenient calendaring, tasks, contacts, notes, etc.
  • Users have access to features that would make their job event more convenient. The platform offers powerful features such as Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes that users can leverage upon for a more seamless and productive day.

    No matter where you are in the world, never lose communication with your team. Our email platform provides several tools for you to always get in touch with your team besides its powerful capabilities. Collaborate directly within your email platform, where ALL of your communications are centralized, archived and available.

    • Convenient Group Chat

    The group chat feature allows users to communicate easily. It provides a secure chat platform within the webmail interface or using a variety of desktop and/or mobile chat clients.

    • Collaborate via Video Conferencing

    Take advantage of the built-in audio/video conferencing with up to 8 participants from different locations to work with full efficiency.

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    We are here to listen and analyze your requirements to fulfill your expectations with a complete solution.

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    Email Hosting Plan

    LinkMail Email Hosting

    Storage of 20 GB/User Powered by Smartermail Backup Inclusive 30MB File Attachment Antispam Filtering Sync Across Devices Team collaboration Tool (share contacts, calendars, tasks and notes)
    1 Month
    3 Months
    6 Months
    best seller
    12 months
    Starter 15
    MYR 50+ / month
    • 15 Email Accounts
    • 5GB Account Quota
    • 75GB Total Quota
    • 50GB Data Transfer
    • 30MB File Attachment
    • 24 Hour Support

    Standard 30
    MYR 100+ / month
    • 30 Email Accounts
    • 5GB Account Quota
    • 150GB Total Quota
    • 100GB Data Transfer
    • 30MB File Attachment
    • 24 Hour Support

    best seller
    Professional 50
    MYR 175+ / month
    • 50 Email Accounts
    • 5GB Account Quota
    • 250GB Total Quota
    • 200GB Data Transfer
    • 30MB File Attachment
    • 24 Hour Support

    Advance 100
    MYR 355+ / month
    • 100 Email Accounts
    • 5GB Account Quota
    • 500GB Total Quota
    • 400GB Data Transfer
    • 30MB File Attachment
    • 24 Hour Support

    Enterprise 250
    MYR 828+ / month
    • 250 Email Accounts
    • 5GB Account Quota
    • 2TB Total Quota
    • Unlimited Data Transfer
    • 30MB File Attachment
    • 24 Hour Support
    • Enterprise Local Backup*FREE

    best seller
    Enterprise 500
    MYR 937+ / month
    • 500 Email Accounts
    • 5GB Account Quota
    • 2TB Total Quota
    • Unlimited Data Transfer
    • 30MB File Attachment
    • 24 Hour Support
    • Enterprise Local Backup*FREE

    Enterprise 1000
    MYR 1,800+ / month
    • 1000 Email Accounts
    • 5GB Account Quota
    • 4TB Total Quota
    • Unlimited Data Transfer
    • 30MB File Attachment
    • 24 Hour Support
    • Enterprise Local Backup*FREE

    Enterprise 2000
    MYR 2,900+ / month
    • 2000 Email Accounts
    • 5GB Account Quota
    • 10TB Total Quota
    • Unlimited Data Transfer
    • 30MB File Attachment
    • 24 Hour Support
    • Enterprise Remote Backup*FREE

    +: Subject to 6% SST
    Prices are provided as a guide, may vary due to changes in foreign exchange rates.
    Need more than 2TB storage or more than 100 email accounts?

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    Yes, you need a domain name with IPServerOne to buy an email address. Your domain name will be used after the @ symbol in your email address. If you don’t have a domain name, we will prompt you to purchase a new domain while ordering online through our customer portal.
    Unfortunately, your emails will not work if your domain is expired. If you are supposed to receive an email but your domain is expired, the sender will receive a notification that the message was undelivered. Hence, it is imperative to always have an active domain name for the email hosting to operate smoothly.
    You can select to either use IMAP or POP3 email protocol. The mail server setting is very important for your email client to communicate with your mail server successfully. For more instructions, on how to set your mail server settings, you can refer to this link ( or you can browse through other frequently asked technical enquiries.
    In LinkMail Email Hosting Plan, we only provide a fixed 20GB size storage for each user. However, you may customize the number of user accounts that you wish to purchase. This makes it easier for you to purchase small numbers of email accounts instead of purchasing packaged email hosting plans from other providers out there.
    IMAP and POP3 are the two main types of email accounts commonly used on the internet. Non-technical users do not understand the difference between the two and we are here to help you understand the difference. IMAP protocol is suitable if you are planning to use multiple devices to view emails from one email account. Email storage will be server based. If you delete an email from a device, the said email will be deleted from the server too. In other words, emails in your device and server are synchronized real time. One does not need to constantly check his server’s email storage as he can manage it from any devices. POP3 protocol is useful if you plan to download emails from your email server into your local computer. If you choose to save a copy (of your email) in (your email) server, you will be able to download and read the email from any devices even after you have deleted the mail in another device. Depending on your preference, there are no advantage and disadvantage over each other and it is up to your IT department to determine which is better and more suitable for your type of business.

    Need Help or Advice?

    We are here to listen and analyze your requirements to fulfill your expectations with a complete solution.

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    or call us +603 2026 1688, chat for assistance, send us a message